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What does $48.5 million buy when it's spent on improvements to a spring-training complex? Check out our photo essay on Fort Myers' CentruyLink Sports Complex to find out ... I completely updated our MLB Ballpark Changes page for the start of the new season ... You can also check out my thoughts on the "power outage" that's occurring in pro baseball on our Facebook page.

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Coming up: I'll be covering the grand opening of Nashville's new park on April 17 (follow us on Twitter to see photos!); Belmost U on the 18th; Morgantown WV's new park on the 19th and West Virginia Power on the 23rd ... The parks I've seen in 2015 are listed here.

Wrigley changes

It's hard to keep up with all of the stories involving the renovations to Wrigley Field, which now are likely to take an entire additional year, but despite rumors, the park was ready for this year's opening day (in reality, not so much). One of the rooftop operations involved in a lawsuit with the Cubs, though, has just been indicted for falsifying its attendance and revenues to shortchange the team. Of course, there is a lot of emotion on both sides of the renovation issue.

Big League ballpark notes

It hasn't hosted baseball since 1999, but a huge crowd came to visit Houston's "Eighth Wonder of the World," the Astrodome, on its 50th birthday ... Nationals Park will host the 2018 MLB All Star Game. That will be four NL parks in a row ... Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park now has a special luxury suite for mothers with newborns ... Very impressive crowds at Montreal's Olympic Stadium (left) for exhibition games between the Blue Jays and Reds. If the Expos had drawn like this, they never would've relocated MLB Commish Manfred says that the city passed the first test if it wants to bring baseball back ... The Braves announced several "green" initiatives at their new park, which should open in 2017, One will be the ability to re-use rain water for irrigation, and another will be energy-efficient lighting.


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